Sunday, December 11, 2011

Black Rapid RS-7 Essentials Accessories Kit For Nikon D5100, D3100 Digital DSLR Camera Bundle Includes Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap + BRAD (Black Rapid Arm Defense) Under Arm Strap + Black Rapid JOEY J2 Medium Pocket + MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth

Price: $89.95
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Product Description

Kit Includes:
♦ 1) ButterflyPhoto - ButterflyPhoto Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
♦ 2) BlackRapid - Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap (Black)
♦ 3) BlackRapid - Black Rapid JOEY J2 Medium Pocket for Smart Phones
♦ 4) BlackRapid - Black Rapid Camera Strap Underarm Stabilizer - BRAD (Black Rapid Arm Defense)

The RS-7 is specially designed to work with BlackRapid’s MODS system. It features attachment points so you can customize your strap with your choice of storage and other features. It’s constructed of ballistic nylon for extreme durability. With the RS-7, ergonomics are key. It’s designed and shaped to fit perfectly around your shoulder. The weight of your camera is evenly distributed for the ultimate in comfort. Built for speed, for when timing is everything.

The Original Camera Sling

The R-Strap is worn diagonally across the torso from shoulder to hip and is adjustable to fit most photogra! phers.The pad has a mesh underside for comfort and breathability.

Our locking FastenR connects the R-Strap to the tripod socket located on either the camera body or the lens.Once connected, the camera hangs upside down, resting securely at your side or in the small of your back, with the lens pointing behind you.

A must have for photographers on the move, the BRAD (BlackRapid Arm Defense) MOD is designed to attach to your RS-7 for a more secure fit during those action packed shoots. Worn under the arm, the BRAD will make sure that your strap stays put, right where you like it. Also compatible with RS-1 through RS-5

Run out of hands to hold all your gear? Grab a JOEY, an attachable pocket that hooks onto your MODS compatible R-Strap.The J-2 features a velcro closure, and is recommended for use with larger smart phones, MP3 players, and batteries. Keep everything ready, right at your fingertips

Product Details

  • Brand: Black Rapid


  • This Kit Includes Some Of The Essential Accessories You Need To Take Full Advantage Of Your New Nikon D5100, D3100 DSLR Digital Camera
  • Connects To Any Camera Or Lens With Tripod Socket. Includes ConnectR-2 and FastenR-3
  • Ripstop Nylon Rapid Strap > Extends Up To 60 Inches, 30 Inches From Top Of Left Shoulder To Right Hip
  • BRAD Is Worn Under The Arm, The BRAD Will Make Sure That Your Strap Stays Put, Right Where You Like It
  • The JOEY J2 Pocket Has A Touch Fastener Closure And Is Recommended For Carrying A Large Smart Phone, MP3 Player And Batteries.
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