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Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF DX Fisheye Nikkor Lens

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A fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide angle of view. The Nikon 2148 AF DX Fisheye-NIKKOR 10.5mm f/2.8G ED lens was designed exclusively for NIKON digital SLR cameras that feature NIKON's DX Format Sensor. The AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED lens significantly expands NIKON's DX-Nikkor category of interchangeable lenses. Go beyond wide angle with this DX series lens for your Nikon DSLR. The actual focal length of 10.5mm is equivalent to that of about 16mm on a 35mm-film camera. 16mm is considered the borderline from ultrawide angle to fisheye. Unlike older fisheye lenses that cut-off the corners, this fisheye lens fills the entire frame with a useful image. Nikon DSLR owners now can enjoy wider angle shots of landscapes, skylines, and astronomical views of the night sky with the Nikon AF DX Fisheye-NIKKOR 10.5mm f/2.8G ED lens. This is the wide-angle lens you've been missing. Now is your opportunity to pick one up. Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass element minimizes chromatic aberration. Design enables a combination of wider angle of view with optical characteristics that are optimized for Nikon digital SLR camera sensors. Nikon D-type design provides precise distance information for flash and ambient light exposure processes. Rounded diaphragm makes out-of-focus elements appear more natural. G-type DX NIKKOR is designed exclusively for use with Nikon digital SLR models. Built-in flower-type lens hood Includes CL-0715 soft case, lens cover, rear cap For Nikon DSLR camera with a DX mount / Also compatible with FX series in DX crop mode

Technical Details

- DX-Nikkor reduces the diameter of the lens' image circle, allowing a range of lenses with practical size and excellent performance
- DX-Nikkor lenses offer compact and lightweight design, fast aperture and fast autofocus via NIKON's Silent Wave Motor design
- 180 degree diagonal angle-of-view
- Close range focusing up to a near 5.5 inches
- Innnovative Close Range Correction ( CRC ) technology ensures consistently crisp, sharp images
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Customer Buzz
 "Exactly what I thought I was getting" 2009-10-02
By JCB (Austin,TX)
First off, I read all of the reviews I could to determine if this is something I wanted to get myself into. I shoot Nikon primarily and was tired of the 18mm limit on most of the lenses available for a DX sensor. This lens has a decent amount of distortion, but I really like the effect. It's a lot of fun to see almost 180 degrees and get really close to things. Be careful though, staring through a viewfinder with this lens makes you feel like you aren't close at all, when you can be less than a foot from a ledge, airplane propeller, etc.

There's some post processing that can be done to make people photos look at little more realistic. Google Ken Rockwell's review on the 10.5mm lens and he had a link to the photoshop plugin that can process some of the distortion to make peoples faces look a little more natural.

This lens attracts dust. The lens cap covers the entire end of the lens and you cannot put a filter on it. You MUST keep the lens cap on when you aren't using it, or it will get caked in dust and nobody likes that. I keep the lens cap on it constantly and still have to clean it up every few times I take it out (might just be me being a tightwad, but I like clean lenses).

Customer Buzz
 "Fast and fun lens" 2009-09-20
By Busy Executive (Long Island, NY)
If you like the fisheye perspective, this is one cool lens that should be in your camera bag.

If you've never used a fisheye, it's a different beast than any other type of lens. Fisheyes are ultra-wide angle lenses that (intentionally) produce distorted, curved and incredibly wide angles of view. You'll have a hard time not getting your feet in the frame, the field of view is so wide. Other than that, you just use the same rules you'd use with an ultra-wide...get up close to the subject, etc.

Many people think of fisheye and picture those round images...this one isn't like that - it fills the entire frame.

If you want, you can also un-do the fisheye perspective in Capture NX - it straightens all the lines and gives you a perspective like a non-fisheye ultra-wide. To an extent, this misses the point of the fisheye, and to my eye, the results still seem a bit "stretched" but it can be done.

Most fisheyes are special-purpose lenses and very expensive, but the Nikon 10.5 is unique in that it has very good optical performance and is also reasonably affordable.

As far as optical performance goes, it's sort of a secondary topic for a special-purpose lens of this type. However, having said that, it is extremely sharp and contrasty lens that tolerates being pointed into the light with little flare. I've noticed a bit of color-fringing sometimes, but nothing that can't be corrected easily with your favorite photo editing software.

My only gripe about the lens is that, like most fisheyes and ultra-wides, there's no way to mount protective filters on the front of the lens. Although there's a built in lens shade, you get the feeling that that very expensive looking front lens elemenet is just hanging out there waiting to bump into something and cause damage.

Highly recommended.

Customer Buzz
 "Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye Review" 2009-08-03
By Adam D. Bennett (Iowa)
This item does everything it will say it does, and do them all very well. The lens is great for landscape shots or shooting up-close, fun shots with friends. The fisheye distortion is noticeable, but that is what makes it fun. It allows you to bend the horizon and is a very small lens so you never have to worry about running out of space to pack it. It is a bit pricey, but worth the money if you like fisheye photography. The hardest part is keeping the lens clean with its large exposed lens.

Customer Buzz
 "Great product. Exactly like the seller described." 2009-06-22
By Eli J. Murray (Little Rock, AR)
My lens came exactly like it was described. The shipping was cheap and didn't take that long. Great product and seller.

Customer Buzz
 "NIKON FISHEYE FUN............" 2009-05-23
By OILMAN (bayside, new york United States)
I got this lens about a year ago.........after i had borrowed one from a friend of mine that owns one...

I took it on a cruise.......and had a ball taking different sort of shots.using my Nikon D300......i liked it so much.......I purchased one.......and love it...

i have posted.......some of my cruise shots on this site

check them out and see what you think......enjoy......

by the way.if you purchase the new Nikon NX2 software

there is a option.on the software to...straighten your photos.........and you now have added a 10MM wide angel 2.8 very sharp fast lens to your arsenal.....

just by using the new software........have fun shooting!!

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